Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Blessings

We were able to have a few days over Easter to spend out at the lake - as you can see from the new banner photo - this was the view from our motorome. Even though it wasn't as peaceful this time - due to the Australian Jet Sprint Boat finals being run next door and a 21st birthday bash (even louder than the jet boats! lol) it was still a time of recharge and renew!

Spent time rowing around the lake in my new little kayak and having some of the family visit with us made for an enjoyable time. Richard and I took the kayak out each day and I enjoyed seeing the lake from a different angle - from behind his back - lol.

Michelle has a few lessons (and a few bruises!) on how (not) to row from Tim - a very patient teacher!We were treated to some spectactular sunrises and sunsets - and you know how much I love taking photos of them!

On Saturday evening we were able to attend the launch of a new CD by local singer-songwriter (and excellent chiropractor lol) Ryan Day It was brilliant and I enjoyed it so much - Go Ryan!!

All in all - a great weekend!

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