Monday, July 13, 2009

A wedding, MORE grandchildren!!??? Talk about the Brady Bunch!

4th July
Our daughter and her fiance, Steve have announced their engagement and plan to be married on 7th November. This is the 'Brady' Bunch. Fortunatly Sam and Kaiden has just found a small unit on their own so it wont be quite as crowded.From the back Anna, Sam, Malachi(hers) & Nick (his) In the middle is Isaac (hers) Michelle, Steve and Ashley (his) and at the front is Kaiden (Sam's) and Tom(his)

PS Completely unrelated to any other subject
I may have mentioned that I used Mr Rudd's $900 to buy myself a new washing machine I decided to go for a front loader from Whirlpool. It was $750 - I received $75 back from my local council cause it was a 4 1/2 star water saver and $125 back from the NSW Government! Good deal? I thought so but wait........ there is more. Upon registering the warranty I was entered in a draw Whirlpool were having to give out 90 prizes in 90 days and guess what i won this ......A Kitchen Aid worth $790 retail!!!!! Can you believe it?

The Canberra Connection!

This year has been a tough one for Zach! He has been diagnosed with Crohns Disease and has spent most of his first year of high school in and out of hospital. We are praying for you Zach and know that you will come through this. (So will your mum too! lol - it has been hard for Belinda to juggle hospital visits along with all the usual wife/mum stuff)

Johnathan celebrated his 5th birthday in June and Samuel was 9 last week - we are looking forward to seeing you all next week! Yay, grandma will have some updated photos of you all. Jason has a promotion at work and starts his new duties next week - well done!

Kaiden's dedication - 7th June

Great family day! Kaiden looked gorgeous in the dress I had made for his mother all those years ago and worn by his aunt and uncles - He will hate this photo when he gets older I'm sure it will make an appearence at his 21st!! He enjoyed the ceromony so much and talked away to Pastor Doug even sucking Doug's fingers! Here he is with hisgreat grandfather Richard.

Work, Work and still more work!

In the lead-up to our holidays I have been fortunate to get some extra work with our local State Member of Parliament - the money is great but I'm getting tired .... I think I'm too old to be working full-time! There just doesn't seem to be enough time for all the important things - although I am managing to squeeze in the odd luncheon, or card amking day - lol. Just 4 more days til the holiday begins!!!

We were sad to say farewell to one of our workmates in early June - Cheryl has worked there for over 10 years. Around the table we have Ryan, Tim, Larissa, Julie, Josh, Cheryl, Hannah, Jenny, Judy and Rachel - (I was the photographer!!) This is my Riverina Family Chiropractic family.

Where does the time go?

So much has been happening since I last posted on here!!

Lets see if I can keep it in roughly chronological order so that it may be less confusing!!

In May I went to an all day crop and was so pleased to complete 15 layouts - nope - still have not scanned or taken photos!! Except for this one ....
Bad, Bad busy girl! lol Have been to several card making days tooI really enjoy our days both in Leeton at 'What's Scrappening' and the card making sessions with Sandra our 'Stampin Up' friend!