Saturday, March 7, 2009

Isaac's Birthday

Isaac celebrated his 11th birthday 2 weeks ago - yes I know I'm a slack Grandma - I've only just gotten around to uploading the photos!
He had 3 school friends around to join in our family dinner.

He proudly showed of all his presents and enjoyed his special meal, marinated chicken and fried rice. The 'birthday cake' was lots of little cupcakes, vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and creme - very yummy!
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  1. Sounds like Isaac had a great birthday. Don't despair I'm just as slack as you and haven't updated my blog since mid feb (except for my retreat layouts). I just don't seem to get the time or have the energy at the moment :(

  2. Isaac looks as if he had a great birthday and what a great idea for a birthday cake I am so behind with my scrapbooking Robyn so don't worry I think a lot of us are in the same boat lol Elie