Thursday, February 5, 2009

Layout No 2!

It's February already and I've only managed 2 layouts for the year!

Oh well, as a good friend tells me, You aren't behind!

I have just stated scrapping some of the photos we took at Christmas 2007!! Iy was done for a monthly challenge that the lss in Leeton ( 'What's Scrappening') runs - You buy a kit for $5 and follow the 'rules' and then their customers judge the winner. Last month it was Michelle's turn to win the $20 voucher with her beautiful journal.

I've cut the bottom of this scan, but you get the idea - simple, quick - my motto for the moment.


  1. just checking that this is working...

  2. Quick and simple is what I'm all about - it may be quick & simple but it looks fantastic and it's the memories you've captured that are the key :)))