Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's been awhile....

.... since I posted to my blog.

The events that have devastated our nation in the last weeks have been on every one's mind. My heart goes out to those that have lost everything in the Victorian Bush fires - I cannot imagine what you must be going through or how you are coping with the overwhelming sense of loss. Even here, 400+ kms north we experienced the smoke from the fires!

To those in Queensland and NSW who are experiencing such terrible floods - you are in my thoughts and prayers as well. Having grown up in a flood prone area and experiencing many floods, I do know what you are going through and the next weeks and months will be hard to imagine for you too as you start to pick up the pieces.

To our farmers in this area and many parts of our country we have entered the 12th year of drought, I wish I had more words of encouragement but what else can I say except that I pray for an end to this and that God will heal our land.

The wonderful thing has been to see Australians unite as they battle the different 'enemies' together. It has warmed my heart to see such love and caring. The words of a song written by Jenny Ellis has comforted and strengthen me on many occasions as it does now. We can choose to let the disasters take over our lives or we can pick ourselves up and choose life. As I watched so many people on television who had every right to be bitter and angry, instead chose to be supportive, encouraging and thankful for what they 'do' have - what role models they have become. So often we get caught up in the 'trappings' of life and forget what is really important - love, friendship, family, faith - this will see us through!

'I cling to you Lord
For You are my life
And the length of my days
I love you Lord
And I'll obey Your voice
And walk in Your Ways

I choose life and I choose blessing
I choose to live abundantly by Your grace
I will walk in Your goodness

And live in the light of Your face.
You are my Lord, my rock, my salvation

My hope, my peace and my joy
You say, You'll never leave me or forsake me
I'm the apple of Your eye."

Circumcise my heart Lord
May it be open to you
Circumcise my heart Lord
Make it brand new

That I may hear Your voice
and know Your ways

That I might love You more
And seek your face

Copyright Jenny Ellis 2003
Grace Christian Fellowship

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  1. Australia seems to going through so much at the moment doesn't it. We've even had a couple of earthquakes here over the past two weeks - I'm beginning to think the planets are aligned wrong or something!!